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A Complete Guide to Keeping your Dog Healthy

Keeping your dog healthy is not only something that your furry friend relies on you for but is also the most important factor to keep them running around in tip-top shape. As much as they let us think a cuddle fixes everything, there is 5 key things that keep your dog healthy and happy.

Key Steps for a Healthy Dog:

1. Regular Exercise

Not so different from us, a great way to ensure your dog is maintaining not only a healthy lifestyle, but a healthy weight, is to get them out and about running, doing what dogs do best. Get those furry legs moving, whether it be daily walks, letting them join your morning run, running about after their favourite toy, any way where your dog is out and about moving is helping to keep them healthy. Exercise is also a great opportunity for you to bond with your dog, just because they’re lying down next to you watching TV, doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t want to be out playing, so getting into routine of daily exercise will keep them happy, and trust me, they will thank you for it later!2)

2) Brush your dog’s teeth

Dental Hygiene in dogs is often forgotten when it comes to the health of our furry friends although that’s not say it isn’t important. Did you know that by the age of 3, 80% of dogs will have developed dental disease, and dental disease is the primary cause of bad breath in dogs! So that bad doggy breath you keep smelling is not because of last night’s gravy chunks, but is actually a result of disease, infection, and plaque and tartar build up… not to mention, everything that comes with these issues can also cause your furry friend a lot of pain, and eventually lead to bigger, more serious issues in the future. So yes, brush your dogs’ teeth, it is definitely worth it!

3) Nutrition and Weight

When it comes to what you’re finding your dog, how much you’re feeding them, and how often, this will have the greatest effect on the overall health of your dog down the line. Not only is a healthy and nutritious diet beneficial to every aspect of your dogs’ health, from muscle, to immunity, healthy digestion and even skin and coat health, a heathy diet will massively affect your dogs’ quality of life in the long term. Although, no matter how healthy the food you feed is, too much of it can very easily cause weight gain in your furry friend. An overweight dog will eventually have a long list of potential problems that can affect or even short their life, so maintaining a healthy weight is absolutely essential.

4) The Vet

Although a dreaded part of your doggy’s life, visiting the vet routinely at least once a year will allow you uncover any potential health issues that you yourself couldn’t notice. A head to tail (literally) examination will allow your vet to check your dog is in top shape, and if there are any signs of health problems, they can be quickly addressed before they have any long term or detrimental effects.

5) Staying on top of dog care

Staying on top of vaccines and flea and tick preventions can easily seem like an unnecessary part of your doggy care, especially because you’re treating a problem before it really is one. Although, staying on top of these can massively affect the health and happiness of your dog in the future. Regular vaccines protect your dog from getting serious, life threatening diseases such as rabies and hepatitis, and if you have been lucky enough to not have experienced a case of the fleas with your furry friends, all I can say is, you never want too, so do what you can to avoid it!

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