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Ensuring you have all the necessary pet grooming (dog grooming) equipment will ensure you have all the necessities to carry out a professional and top standard grooming experience. You will find the abs



Hello, and Welcome to TrimPet!

We are a mobile pet grooming service that operates throughout the UK, bringing together passionate pet groomers to provide excellent, personalised door-to-door services. Our founder and managing director Danny started TrimPet as a recognition of the invaluable worth of our pets, and how ‘man’s best friend’ deserves to be spoiled sometimes too. Our highly qualified and experienced groomers are a community of true animal lovers who appreciate the value of all our pets across the country. Going beyond a traditional pet grooming business, TrimPet works in conjunction with an app that acts as a web portal for the world of mobile pet grooming. It provides a platform for our customers and groomers to come together at the click of a button.

With a personalised, door to door service, we are committed to delivering our pet grooming services at the ultimate convenience. Using the app, you can choose a time that suits you, and our groomers will come straight to you. Based throughout the United Kingdom, TrimPet creates a community of mobile pet groomers across the country. As true animal lovers, all our groomers are passionate in delivering a service personalised to every pet, and catering to all our customers and furry friends.