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Dog Grooming Wiltshire

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How to Clean My Dog’s Ears at Home

Cleaning your dog’s ears is often new territory for pet parents, and the thought of it can seem fairly overwhelming. The world of dog ears is hardly a simple one, and not something that you should jump into without any prior knowledge. But fear not, today we’re going to discuss whether you need to clean […]

What do Ticks do to Dogs?

Ticks are a nasty and somewhat troublesome parasite in the world of pets, particularly for dogs. Although they’re not uncommon, finding a tick on your dog is as unnerving as it is dangerous. Therefore, knowing exactly what a tick is and what it does to your dog is a common question amongst many pet parents. […]

How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog?

The question of how often you should bathe your dog is one that continues to puzzle the minds of pet parents today, and no wonder! With so many different dog breeds, hair types, lifestyles and health needs, there is not one fixed answer. As a pet parent, life can be busy and hectic, and bath […]

How to recognise stress in your pet: 3 common signs your dog is stressed

Is your dog acting out of character? Do they seem nervous or depressed? If your dog doesn’t seem to be their usual self, they will likely be trying to communicate with you through their body language, and as humans, it is important for the pet parents out there to understand what they’re trying to communicate… […]

Everything You Need To Know When Buying A Puppy

Are you thinking of buying a puppy? If you’re reading this, chances are your mind is already set on the matter. Choosing to get a puppy may not be an easy decision, but it will turn out to be one of your best decisions. Puppies are one of life’s greatest gifts and will change your […]

How to Control Dog Shedding

Four Tips To Control Dog Shedding When it comes to the downsides of being pet owners, there really is very few. Although, one common and shared complaint amongst many pet parents is the dreaded dog shedding. With some breeds leaving more of a shedding mess than others, the problem itself is something many dog owners […]

Healthy Snacks And Treats Your Dog Will Love

When it comes to dogs, they are all special and different in their own unique way, but one thing that is common amongst all of our furry friends is their love for treats. Dogs love food treats, whether they be human treats or special dog treats, they love it all. However, similarly to humans, these […]

A Complete Guide to Keeping your Dog Healthy

Keeping your dog healthy is not only something that your furry friend relies on you for but is also the most important factor to keep them running around in tip-top shape. As much as they let us think a cuddle fixes everything, there is 5 key things that keep your dog healthy and happy. Key […]

Why is grooming so expensive?

When it comes to the costs involved in looking after your pet, the regular outgoings for grooming is often the most expensive… the question is, why? You often hear people say getting their dogs hair done is more expensive than their own, but surely human hair requires more effort, right? No, wrong! This is a […]