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Frequently asked Questions

The duration of the groom depends on the type of groom you go for.
Wash & Dry grooms are restricted to 1 hour, but a wash, dry & cut has a 2 hour time slot!

If you are looking for a quick sprucing up for your dog, then a wash & dry is likely the best choice! Although, if your dog is in need of the full work, whether that be a haircut, de-matting or de-shedding, then a wash, dry & cut is the option for you. Feel free to chat with a member of our team if you are unsure.


We do not require access to water as we have our own water supply on board, but we do need access to a power source/plug!

Due to travel times and allocated time slots, we aren’t able to offer individual services for just one dog. Although, our wash & dry package includes a nail trim too!

Yes, your local groomer is the designated groomer for your area. So, it will always be the same groomer who is sent out to you!

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