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Dog Groomer

Benefits of working with TrimPet

  • Be provided with a fully equipped mobile grooming vehicle.
  • Work on your own schedule, servicing your chosen area on your chosen days.
  • Don’t worry about a thing! We take care of customer support, van maintenance, marketing… all you need to do is what you loveGROOM.
  • Use our TrimPet App to keep organised, letting you know and update your schedule and availability through the week.
  • You are fully insured, covering yourself, the van and pets with every appointment.
  • Support. TrimPet is a team, and you will always have someone to contact for support, issues and concerns.
  • We offer a competitive annual income for our groomers, and of course, all tips are yours!

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Mobile Pet Grooming Professional Equipment

  • Shampoo: A range of shampoos (and conditioners if needed) to deal with different coat types, and skin conditions.
  • Clippers: An essential for any groomer for a uniform, effective and time efficient cut. Clipper Blades are also necessary to suit the haircut of each and every pet.
  • Clipper Oil: Ensure your clipper blades stay working well.
  • Comb attachment: These attach to your blade and come in various sizes depending on their purpose.
  • Nail Clippers: To clip nails and avoid infection.
  • Slicker brushes: To de-matt and brush hair.
  • De-shedding tools: Help to remove the undercoat in shorter coats/hair lengths.
  • Combs: To de-tangle and brush hair when styling or being detangled.
  • Finishing dryer: To Dry the dog after washing so they are ready to groom.
  • Blaster: Removes excess water after the wash – used before the finishing dryer.
  • Scissors: You will most likely need a range of these, differing in size and style to help cover the various hair types, haircut, hair shape and hair style.
  • Bath: These come in various shapes and sizes and will depend on the type of pets you are grooming.
  • Grooming Table: Hydraulic and adjustable tables are helpful not only to the dog, but to your back!
  • Steriliser: To keep your equipment squeaky clean.
  • Bath Equipment: From mitts and sponges to jugs and combs.
  • Ear and Private region cleaner/powder: To keep hygiene areas and ears disinfected and clean.
  • Colognes and Perfumes: To give your client a fantastic smell that the owner will associate with a pleasant experience that is your business.
  • Bows and Ribbons: An optional touch, but perfect to leave a finishing and personalised aspect on the owner’s furry friend.