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Our London Dog Groomer!

Tattiana Lowe


Tattiana's Personal Bio-
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I have grown up around dogs, so I have a great love and passion towards them. As a child I was very outdoorsy so I loved the wildlife. I started horse riding when I was 6 so I have a love for horses as well. I attended an animal welfare course at college as I love caring and looking after animals.
My passion for dog grooming came unexpected, I had to do work experience and luckily a groomers had opened up at the end of my road. I fell in love with dog grooming on the first day.

It’s one of the only things in life I’m actually good at! 

Tattiana's Best Grooms!

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  1. Barbara Bennett

    Hi Tattiana my name is barbara and im very pleased to know you, my Little Kita is a poochon and she is 3 years and 3 months old , she is a little darling even though a little noisy at time hahahahaha, my groomer had to leave as she is moving and she is the only groomer Kita has known , so i thought it nice to have a little chat before you come, looking forward to meeting you . See you on the 30th of this month , kind regards Barbara and Kita

  2. Christina

    Tattiana was absolutely amazing with our long haired chihuahua. She did so well and made him look wonderful. She also did his teeth and nails very well. First time I’ve used this service and it won’t be the last! Thank you very much 🙏

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