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Bourne, United Kingdom
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Dog grooming Bourne

Mobile Dog Grooming Near Me in Bourne

Tired of searching for a ‘groomer near me’? Well, search no more, TrimPet has got you covered. If you’re looking for door-to-door mobile dog grooming near me in Bourne and surrounding areas, you’ve come to the right place. Here at TrimPet, our local groomers come to you to provide the perfect pet grooming service. Say goodbye to long drives and interruptions to your day… instead, enjoy the dog grooming Bourne experience, from the comfort of your own home! We all know how dirty our furry friends can get, so our expert mobile pet groomers are fully qualified, insured, and experienced in grooming a variety of breeds to ensure your pet is guaranteed an exceptional dog grooming Bourne experience. Bath, Wash, Trim… whatever it may be, TrimPet Mobile Grooming is only a click of a button away!

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Groomer: Jodie Hewerdine

 june 2021

Time to meet, Jodie… your local groomer in Lincolnshire and Nottingham.
What are your qualifications and experience?
During college, I completed Levels 2 & 3 in Animal Care and Management. During this time, I was looking at becoming a Veterinary Nurse, however after a couple of weeks on Work Experience, I found that it wasn’t for me. Fortunately, the vets that I was placed at had a groom room and it was from being in there that I decided I wanted to be a groomer! I went on to complete my Level 2 and 3 Dog Grooming qualifications.
Why did you become a groomer?
Grooming is an extremely rewarding career, seeing happy dogs leaving my care is just one of the reasons I love the job.
Do you have a pet of your own, and if so, what is your favourite activity to do with them?
I don’t own a dog of my own (Yet) but I do own 5 gorgeous Guinea Pigs which keep me occupied in my spare time, especially my long haired breed who requires just as much daily grooming as a dog!
Jodie is truly a one-of-a-kind groomer, with her furry customers being excited for the groom as soon as she rocks up on the drive… Jodie’s qualifications, skills and passion for dogs is demonstrated in her grooming. Jodie takes her time to groom, pamper and bond with all the dogs’ that are welcomed into the TrimPet van to provide them with the ultimate grooming experience!


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What to do with your dog in Bourne

Joined in November 2021

What outdoor day trips can you do with your dog in Bourne?

Finding an outdoor day trip to enjoy with your dog can be difficult, especially if you want to move away from the typical dog walking route you are used too… well, we have put together a couple of our top outdoor recommendations for you to enjoy with your furry friend in Bourne.

Finding a dog walking route that can be enjoyed by the family and dog combined can be a challenge but search no more! Ferry Meadows goes beyond a scenic trail, and instead encompasses all things beautiful, safe and unspoilt. This unique spot offers something to everyone, with spaces to walk, cycle, play, horse-ride, and even fish! Whether it be taking your dog on a bonding walk or looking for a family trip that your furry friend can join in on, Ferry Meadows is the perfect location either way.

Barnwell Country Park offers 37 acres of lakes, meadows, and riverbanks to be explored by you and your dog. This dog friendly spot is open all year round but is a must visit spot to be enjoyed in the summer. With picnic benches and water to splash around in, this country park is a family attraction to be enjoyed in the warmer months, don’t miss out!

What dog-friendly spots can you eat or drink in Bourne?

Trying to include your dog on a day out can be a challenge, especially if you are looking for something a little different to the outdoors and your day-to-day walking trail. Not to mention, the real bonding happens over food and drink, am I right? In which case, it seems only fair to let you in on the best dog-friendly spots to enjoy a meal and drink with your furry companion by your side.

Situating itself in the heart of Bourne, the Ginger Fox Café welcomes both you and your furry companion. Defining what it means to be dog friendly, this café will really go above and beyond to make your pet feel part of the family. Offering dogs a friendly cooked sausage, you can count on the fact you will be leaving with a happy, well fed pooch. This is a must visit spot for you and your furry friend to enjoy any time of the year.

7 reviews for Dog grooming Bourne

  1. Eliot S

    My first pet and one of my biggest issue was grooming. Thanks to my friend Simon and his recommendation, my problem has been solved. Highly recommend this company.

  2. lee S

    I love this concept! no traveling, waiting about, picking up germs from other dogs, no car sickness for our dog. Amazing, I’ve already booked the next groom.

  3. Mike Emerson

    Thank you so much! defo a 5 star service.

  4. Judith sanderson

    Being able to have someone with so much experience and passion at my doorset in a god send!!! thank you.

  5. john L

    Customer service and the actual groom was defo a 5 star. But I think she rushed from another groom. so the groomer spent around 20 minutes cleaning her van before starting her job on my dog. she really cleaned her van very well which was great to see

  6. Nichola

    You really have to be a certain type of person to be a great groomer! Jodie is certainly has that edge.

  7. Tracy S

    My goodness! my little chum looked 5 years younger. He also came back with the sweetest bow and smelt amazing. thank you Trimpet.

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