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Edimburg, United Kingdom

Dog grooming Edimburg near me

Mobile dog grooming in Edimburg (Scotland) and sorrounding areas!
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Dog Grooming in Edimburg near me has never been easier… with the help of The Grooming Dog, your dog can be pampered and groomed all at the click of your fingers!

Your local mobile dog groomer works within Edimburg and surrounding areas, travelling out to our pawfect customers across Essex to provide a unique dog grooming experience. Your local Edimburg  near me dog groomer travels out to your given home address to bath, wash, cut and style your puppy from our fully equipped mobile pet grooming van. You don’t need to do a thing… we’ve got it covered.

Choose your groom, choose your date and time, checkout to secure your booking… it really is that easy with The Grooming Dog. Your mobile dog groomer offers a one-to-one personal service that will leave your dog feeling pampered, loved and clean. No inconvenience for you, and your dog will leave with a freshly groomed coat and a wagging tail… it’s as good as it gets!

Dog Grooming Options in Edimburg

Wash & Dry

Full Groom (Wash, Dry, Haircut & Style)

Wash and dry in Edimburg.
At your doorstep for £35

1.Choose your Day and Time


If you cannot find your breed please select the closest breed size wise and pop a note in the comments box


De-Shedding is removing the dead loose undercoat from the dogs hair. A dog needs light deshedding if is moulting/shedding a lot and heavy deshedding if it has clumps of dead undercoat


This package does not include cut/trim. If you require cut/trim, please choose full groom.

Mobile Dog Grooming in Edimburg near me is covered by The Grooming Dog! Covering across the county, your local pet groomer deliver a one to one, loving and professional grooming service to you and your dog… with a trail of over 2000 happy dogs in our path, we are guaranteed to leave your puppy looking and feeling their very best self.

Our mobile dog groomers are as caring as they are expert, they are ready to groom all of your of our pet customers… from puppy to adult dogs, we love them all! Ready to wash, dry, cut and style all of our dog customers, your Brentwood local groomer will welcome your dog with open arms and send them home as a perfectly groomed pet. The very best mobile dog grooming experience is brought to the comfort of your house, all you need to do is press the button.

Our Essex dog groomer!

Laetitia Hazell


Laetitia's Personal Bio-
Get to know your groomer!

Along with all our mobile groomers, Laetitia is not only fully qualified and experienced in grooming your furry friend, she is also passionate about her career and her love for dogs!

Her love for dogs and grooming means she is a star employee here at TGD, leaving a trail of happy customers in her path, just check out her reviews!

No task is too big or small for Laetitia, so taking care of your dog to ensure the perfect grooming experience is her top priority. Laetitia will listen to your grooming requests and any concerns you may have for your pet, and work to ensure the perfect grooming outcome.


Laetitia's Best Grooms!

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Joined in November 2021

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