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Dog Grooming Tips you need to know!

When it comes to grooming dogs, it can sometimes be overwhelming. From odours, to shedding, to matted and tangled coats, a groom can quickly become a mission of overcoming each task. At which point, having some tips and tricks under your belt, to help you as and when you need it can make the whole process that little bit more smooth sailing. So, let’s discuss the more basic tricks that have helped groomers…

Brush and Combing

Although a standard part of any grooming procedure, the points at which your brush and comb a dog can drastically change the way your groom goes. If a coat appears to be tangled or matted, brushing and combing before you initially shampoo can help to prevent any further tangles, and making brushing and combing after the wash a lot easier. Not only this but shampooing a tangled coat can stop the shampoo from doing what it needs to do… clean. Shampooing a tangled coat is like only shampooing the top of their coat, as the shampoo can’t get in and around the coat. Brushing and combing your dog before they get washed will allow the shampoo to thoroughly clean the coat throughout.

Ear Cleaning and Nail Clipping

On the topic of pre-wash, carrying out the ear cleaning and nail clipping tasks before bathing will allow a deeper cleanse during the wash. Rather than washing something that is soon to be removed, you can get in and about your dogs’ ears and nails and remove any leftover dirt during the wash. Of course, swimmers’ ear is something to consider, so using a small amount of ear cleanser after bathing will help to avoid this.
Relating more to nail clipping, knowing where the right length is can often leave groomers a bit confused. So, the basic rule when it comes to length is cut it, so it is just touching the ground. If the nail feels spongy when you’re about to cut, don’t do it! This can lead to bleeding and severe discomfort.


This next point not only relates to bathing water temperature, but also the temperature of your blade, which is something groomers may forget. Let’s start with water, although a more straightforward point, getting the temperature right during the wash is important. In which case, sticking to lukewarm water will not only ensure a pleasant and comfortable bathing experience, but will avoid any irritation, as dogs can be more sensitive to temperatures than humans. This leads us on to our next point, the temperature of your blade. If you are using an electric blade for an extended period of time, they can get very hot very quickly. Using a ceramic blade will help prevent this, as they stay cooler for extended use. However, if you are unsure, touching the blade on the back of your wrist, will let you know if it is too hot to continue, as if it’s too hot for your wrist, it is even more so for your furry friend.

Grooming Table

Sore back? Nervous Pet? Fidgety pet? All of these are familiar to a frequent groomer and can make grooming a pet not only more difficult, but a little less enjoyable. If you are finding

Sore back? Nervous Pet? Fidgety pet? All of these are familiar to a frequent groomer and can make grooming a pet not only more difficult, but a little less enjoyable. If you are finding this to be an issue, a grooming table may be your saving grace. Grooming tables not only help to keep pets in place, but can often be adjusted to your chosen height, meaning you’re not having to bend down trying to groom your little client. Most grooming tables will also come with a rubber matt surface, this will stop your dog from sliding around when they aren’t strapped in. Although, if a grooming table isn’t for you, can buy these separately and they will still save you a lot of hassle.

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