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Once the customer makes a booking online for their chosen groom package, date and time; the local groomer will arrive at the given address ready to do the groom in our fully equipped mobile van. We carry out the groom in the van outside your given address.

You can book an appointment for a mobile groom by following our simple and easy to use online booking system.
1. Enter your postcode into the postcode search bar on your screen and you will be directed to your relevant booking page.
2. On our local booking page, scroll to the calendar where you can choose a date, time and groom package that works for you.
3. Once you book this time, you will be redirected to the checkout where you can finalise and confirm your booking.

Your groomer will need access to a single power source (normal plug). Other than this, we are completely self sufficient.

The average grooming time is up to 1 hour for our wash and dry package, and 1 hour 30 minutes for our full groom. However due to specific circumstances relating to size, coat and matting, times can vary.

Yes, absolutely! When booking for 2 dogs, simply book 2 consecutive bookings on the same time and date (E.G. dog 1 at 2pm and dog 2 at 3pm). When you go to checkout, you should see the 2 individual grooming appointments. Booking for 2 dogs can be tricky, so our team is available via livechat to assist you!
We offer 2 packages, catering to all dog breeds! Wash and Dry Package includes: Bath, wash, dry, brushing out, nail trimming, fragrance Full groom package Bath, wash, dry, brushing out, de-matting, de-shedding, full haircut and style, sanitary cleaning, ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, nail trimming, fragrance You can choose your preferred package when making your booking!
If you don’t see our branded van pull up (it’s hard to miss), your groomer will give you a ring to let you know they’re there.
No, the groomer will notify you when your pet is ready and finished.
Yes, absolutely! We have a hypo-allergenic oatmeal shampoo on board that soothes and treats sensitive skin.
Unfortunately, without a car space and power source we won’t be able to carry out the groom. Although, if you have a family member close by who can provide parking, it may be an idea to ask them and book under that address.
We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If something comes up and your booking time is no longer suitable, as long as it is prior to 24 hours before the appointment, a member of our team would be happy to find a more suitable appointment for you. Otherwise, if there isn’t a slot that works for you, you are entitled to a full refund. As we are unable to replace your booking at such short notice in the 24 hour period, we are unable to offer a refund to bookings canceled in this window.
No, we do not accept cash payments. Due to the safety of our groomers, we do not allow them to carry cash.
Unfortunately not. Your booking will only be confirmed if we have received payment at checkout. Although, if you cancel prior to 24 hours or there is a cancellation on our part, you will receive a full refund.