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Healthy Snacks And Treats Your Dog Will Love

When it comes to dogs, they are all special and different in their own unique way, but one thing that is common amongst all of our furry friends is their love for treats. Dogs love food treats, whether they be human treats or special dog treats, they love it all. However, similarly to humans, these special and fun snacks are called treats for a reason, and overindulgence can quickly lead to bigger and unwanted issues. So, it’s important to be aware not only how many treats you give your dog, but also what exactly the treats are. This post will talk you through all things healthy treats, you will also find our Top 5 Picks of healthy dog treats on the market that your furry friends will love.

How Many Treats Can I Give My Dog?

When it comes to how many treats you should be giving your dog, you should generally live by the 10% rule. This means that the treats and snacks you feed your dog make up no more than 10% of their daily calories. If you are unsure what the calorie allowance for your dog is, ask your vet, calorie allowances are based on your dog’s size, weight and activity level. Abiding by this general rule means your furry friend can enjoy their healthy dog snacks and you can relax knowing you aren’t giving them more than what is healthy.

Store-Bought Dog Snacks

When it comes to store-bought treats, it’s easy to pick out the cheaper, most generic option, as that’s what is known to us, but these are the treats that are often full of preservatives, sugar, and high in fat. Being cautious of the treats you are buying will help ensure you are feeding your dog treats that are not only yummy, but nutritious and healthy. Often, dogs are open to all foods they can get their paws on, which gives you some freedom in what you choose to give them. Unlike children who are often picky and stubborn, dogs are easy going and are happy to try new things, giving you the opportunity to both spoil your furry friend and be aware of the foods you are putting in their bodies.

If you find that store-bought snacks aren’t the best option for your pet, fruit and vegetables may be your next best bet. Vegetables are extremely low-calorie foods and sometimes your dog will be content with anything they can snack on. Fruits like bananas, berries, and apple slices are another great option that your furry friend might enjoy. Although, when it comes to feeding your dog these foods, be aware not to give them grapes, raisins, chocolate, onions or caffeine, as all of these can be toxic to dogs.

Treat Alternatives

It can be difficult to stay on top of the treats you are giving your pet and it’s easy to slip away from the general rules because you want to spoil your furry friend with not that healthy dog treats. In this case, finding an alternative to food as a treat may be the solution. Food is perhaps only an example of a treat, but treats are essentially anything that brings your pet joy: this is to say that if your dog is “looking for a treat”, it is up to you what treat you give them. Whether it’s a cuddle, a walk, playing with them, or even a new toy, all of these could be classed as treats. Mixing between food treats and physical treats will help to keep both you and your dog content.

The Top 5 Healthy Dog Treats of 2021

1.   Paw Originals Fish Training Treats

A favourite, premium and natural dog snack, Paw Originals Fish Training Treats are  made from 80% fish meat and 20% potato and salmon stock. With no additives or nasties, these healthy dog treats are a great way to keep your dog happy and in great shape.

2.   Stella and Chewy’s Carnivore Crunch Treats

These are a great option for meat-loving dogs. They are 98% beef, organs and bone, so your dog is eating what they’re supposed to with no added hormones, antibiotics or fillers: in short, a great, healthy snack for your dog!

3.   Lily’s Kitchen Bedtime Biscuits

Another healthy snack option for your pet, with only natural ingredients, these biscuits are particularly great for young dogs as well as older dogs! Bedtime treats can be great to help your dog settle at night and are a good natural option to help them relax and associate bedtime with a nutritious treat.

4.   Wagg Low Fat Treats

These are a great option if you are looking for variety and choice! An extensive range of meaty to sweet means these low-fat treats can satisfy all the cravings for your furry friend. Although not the healthiest option as these treats do contain preservatives and colour, they are still great in moderation.

5.   Bounce and Bella’s Grain Free Dog Treats

Another natural, high-quality dog treat that offers a more affordable way to spoil your pet. These grain-free treats are great for digestion, a shiny coat, energy, and a generally healthier and happy dog. With 800 treats in a 500g bag, these treats are a long term and cost-effective option. If you want to give your best boy some healthy dog snacks without breaking the bank, Bounce and Bella’s grain Free dog treats might be the best choice for you.

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