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How do you know it’s time to groom your pet?

How often should I groom my pet? A common question amongst the pet owners I’ve come across, but to no surprise, the answer is not a one size fits all situation. Of course, the generic ‘6 weeks’ answer does generally apply and gives you a good time scale to work with, but unlike many of the other things our cats and dogs can communicate to us, like if they need the toilet or it’s time for dinner… communicating that they need groomed is not one of them. This means it is up to us, the dog and cat parents, to look out for the signs that it’s time to make that booking with TrimPet, and get your pet groomed. So, let’s discuss all the main signs too look for if you’re ever in doubt…

Matted Fur!!!

This is perhaps one of the most important signs to keep an eye out for between grooms, particularly with dogs, as letting matted fur develop and worsen will only make it harder to deal with when groom time approaches. This means a difficult job for your groomer and most likely, an unfortunate shaven cut for your pet…

Hard bumps, hair that’s clumped together, some sort of dreadlock situation… these are what to feel for if you are concerned your dog is experiencing matting. Matting occurs when longer fur tangles together into knots and clumps. It can be extremely uncomfortable for your furry friend, and the worse it gets, the larger the risk it could develop into something more serious.

The easiest way to notice matted fur will likely be during cuddle time, if you can’t get your fingers through its time to get them groomed! An important point to note is that your pet doesn’t need to have overly long hair for matting to occur… some breeds are more prone to matting due to their fur type, in which case, simply being aware and cautious will avoid any hassle down the line.

If you do notice matted fur on your pet, you could try to gently brush it out if it’s at the early stages. However, rule number one with matted fur, don’t go near it with scissors! Experienced professionals should be left to tackle this one.

The Post Muddy Walk Fur

Unfortunately for dog owners across the world, the wet muddy puddles are our pets’ idea of a fun day out… this leads to the post muddy walk fur and often means, it’s time to book with TrimPet.

The muddy adventures can sometimes be washed away at home, a good rinse and your pet will be good to go. Although, this isn’t always the case. Muddy adventures can often involve more than just mud… small twigs, broken leaves and unusual sticky residue are often a part of the muddy puddles your dog desires so desperately to dive head-first into, in which case, a rinse off may not do the trick.

If your pet has hair thinner, longer, fluffier hair, all these bits and bobs are more likely to get tangled, and they aren’t so easy to get out. To avoid them injuring your pet or making them uncomfortable, take it as a sign that it’s time to get your pooch groomed.

The Tapping Claws

This sound is perhaps the simplest sign that your pet needs groomed… if you can hear your pet tapping from room to room, you know it’s time to book with TrimPet.

Longer nails are experienced by all pets, both cats and dogs, and can not only injure you, but can cause your pet a lot of discomfort.

Your regular grooming appointments with TrimPet will always include a nail trim, but if your pet doesn’t necessarily need a full groom but you can hear that tapping noise, take it as a sign that groom time is approaching…

Although these signs aren’t uniform for every pet, they will give you a good idea of when you should get your pet groomed… The 6 week mark is great as a base, but every pet is different, some needing groomed more than others, so knowing what to look for will avoid you, your pet and your groomer any unnecessary issues.

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