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Mobile Dog Grooming… is it for you?

Mobile dog grooming is a relatively new service that has changed the grooming world entirely. Although venturing outside of a typical dog grooming salon can be daunting, and it can be hard to understand what makes mobile grooming so great, but once you’re convinced there really is no turning back. Not having to leave your house is the most obvious benefit, but fully understanding the advantage of mobile dog grooming will change both you and your pets’ life. So, lets find out what the fuss really is all about…

Benefits of Mobile Dog Grooming

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Benefits of Mobile Dog Grooming

1. Convenience

Of course, it makes sense to start off with not only the most obvious, but also the most practical… Convenience. When grooming time approaches, taking your dog to the pet salon, and then transporting them back once they’ve been groomed, ends up taking quite a chunk of your day, and with life being how life sometimes is, fitting this in isn’t always easy. If we’re being honest, even if we can fit it in, there is things we would all much rather be doing, am I right?
In which case, having a mobile pet groomer in your area who can come to the comfort of your home (or front drive) seems like the most logical option! It not only takes away the stress and inconvenience that is travel arrangements, but also hands you back a few hours of your day, giving you back that ‘me time’ we all sometimes need.

2. One to One Attention

We’ve touched on the convenience of mobile dog grooming to you as the pet owner, but we can’t forget the benefit it has to our pets, as this is who it’s really about after all.
With salons often being packed appointment to appointment, it is inevitable that your pet ends up in a cage until their turn comes, before being put back in the cage until pick up time. Being in a cage for half the day is anything but a pleasant experience, and this is only another benefit to mobile dog grooming!

With mobile pet grooming, the grooming begins as soon as they arrive, so no cage time! With this one-on-one service, comes a personal and special attention as there are no other animals for the groomer to worry about. This also means that the groomer can be more accommodating to your pets’ needs, whether they be older or even just sensitive pets who need a little extra care being handled, or you have specific grooming requests, this personal service leaves time, room, and effort for your groomer to provide a unique, personal and outstanding service, with all the attention being on your beloved dog.

3. Eliminate Stress and Anxiety

If you are still not convinced whether mobile pet grooming is for you, this is the reason that will give you no choice in the matter. You may think if you have a calm or mature pet this doesn’t apply to you, but the stress that accompanies pet grooming applies to all! Whether it be separation anxiety, cages and crates, car rides, or being at the groomers with unknown people and pets for long periods of time, makes the grooming salon a daunting experience for young, mature, and relaxed pets entirely. This factor only becomes more relevant if your pet isn’t mature, or anxious around other pets, through which a situation such as a groomer can cause them extreme stress and upset.

Mobile dog grooming eliminates this entirely; removing other unknown loud pets, cages, long distance journeys and long periods of time in an unknown environment, improves the grooming experience for your pet in every regard. Being only a few steps from your home, and having a one-on-one comfortable experience, allows your pet to become trusting of both the groomer and the situation, and guarantees a happy and clean furry friend.

4. No exposure to other pets

Often with grooming salons, your pet is likely to be exposed to other pets while waiting their turn for a fresh trim. However, just like humans in a hospital, this could potentially expose your pet to the dreaded hazards that accompany unvaccinated pets, such as fleas and ticks. Viruses like this are highly contagious and any exposure could have your pet itching for weeks. Mobile dog grooming allows for all hazards to be eliminated; providing a sanitised and personal environment means your pet can only come out cleaner than they came in!

How mobile grooming works

Choose A Groom!

Through our online booking system or through our friendly team, you can choose choose a groom based on the needs of your pet. Whether it be a bath, wash, cut, nail trim… you can choose the service most suitable for your dog!

2. Book A Mobile Groom!

Schedule your mobile pet grooming appointment for when it’s most convenient for you. Tell us your location, choose a date and time, and let us know what grooming service your pet needs… it really is as easy as that

3. Finally, Groom Time!

Sit back and relax… Your Groomer will arrive at your given time and location, ready to give your pet the ultimate TrimPet grooming experience!
You will receive a confirmation email, as well as a reminder 24 hours before.

4. Show Us Some Love

Happy with your TrimPet mobile grooming experience? We’d love your feedback either way! Please take some time to leave us a review and show us some love!

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