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Mobile dog wash


Mobile Dog Washing Services from TrimPet
Dogs can get extremely dirty and messy when they’re out and about in the local parks or beaches. The thought of a muddy dog coming home to your nice, clean house is enough to give you the shivers.

With a mobile dog wash from TrimPet, you’ll never have to battle with your four legged friend while trying to clean them, or towel dry them or face the inevitable wet shake afterwards.

Trying to ensure that your dog gets properly clean from your DIY washing session is almost impossible. Leaning over the side of the bath, fighting with your dog to stay still plus getting half soaked in the process is never fun.

Taking the Stress out of Dog Washing

Trimpet’s mobile dog washing service takes the stress out of keeping your pooch clean. Simply book an appointment with our expert groomers at a time that is convenient for your schedule.

With our mobile dog washing service, we use the best products available for your pet as well as the expert care and drying techniques. Our groomers are fully insured and highly trained, so we can ensure your dog has the best and safest washing service.

Keeping your dog clean and fresh doesn’t need to be such a chore. Contact TrimPet today and book your appointment. Our groomers travel to you, meaning you’ll no longer need to take time from your busy schedule to take your four legged friend to the pet salon.

Our community of grooming professionals operates up and down the UK, so location is no issue. Simply put, TrimPet offer easy and convenient washing solutions for you and your mucky pup!