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Dog Grooming Prices

We offer a range of grooming services to ensure your dog can get the groom that is perfect for them. Our groomers are fully equipped with the skills, equipment and expertise to deliver a one-of-a-kind grooming experience, that will leave your dog feeling and looking their best self!

Our prices are determined by the services included in our grooms… have a read below to find out more information on the different services that are included in our dog grooms and how this may affect the final price, along with the price difference depending on the size of your dog! 

Wash, Dry and Brushing Out

Dog Grooming Price
All dog breeds £35

Our wash, dry and brushing out service is perfect for all dog breeds, whether it be a maintenance groom to have them cleaned up, or for shorter haired breeds who don’t need a haircut. Our Wash, Dry and brushing out service will leave your dog feeling pampered and clean, and is the key to maintaining a healthy, shiny and matt-free coat. Oh, and healthy, trimmed nails of course! 

This dog grooming service is a standard price for all dog breeds, although, it is restricted to a 1 hour time slot!

Full Groom (Wash, Dry, Haircut and Style)

Dog Grooming Price
Small Breed (Up to 15kg)  £55
Medium Breed (15-30kg)  £60
Large Breed (Over 30kg)  £65

Our Wash, Dry, Haircut and Style service is our most popular groom and includes the full works to guarantee a very pampered and well-groomed pet. This service includes a full haircut and style, to which your TrimPet groomer will cut based on the breed standard, or otherwise your personal preference! A full de-matting and de-shedding service is included to ensure the maintenance of your pets’ coat is guaranteed, and a range of other necessary grooming services to deliver the ultimate TrimPet experience.

Depending on your dog breed and day-to-day lifestyle, we recommend grooming every 8-10 weeks. Although, if your four-legged friend enjoys the outdoors, you may find you need to book in a little more regularly!

Our Dog Grooming Services


Your dog is given a full bath and wash to have them feeling clean, soft and smelling their best self!

Blow Dry

Your dogs' coat is fully blown out so it can brushed out, cut, and styled to perfection.

Brushing Out

A full brushing out includes a de-matting and/or a de-shedding so your dog has a coat in perfect condition.

Nail Trimming

Nail trimming to ensure your dog has nails that are at a safe and comfortable length.


TrimPet Fragrances guarantee your dog will leave their mobile grooming experience smelling as wonderful as they look.


Included in the brushing out, de-matting is a key step in the maintenance of your dogs skin and fur, to ensure matting does not irritate their skin and their coat looks fluffy and healthy!

Sanitary Cleaning

Your local groomer will provide a full sanitary cleaning to remove all the nasties that can get caught in that region!

Teeth Cleaning

Your dog will receive a teeth cleaning gel that works to provide a full cleaning up of the teeth and gums, leaving their teeth and breath fresh.

Haircut & Style

Our full package includes a full haircut and style! Your local groomer is fully equipped to do any haircut to the dog breed standard or your own personal preference.

Special Requests

Your local mobile groomer is available to listen to any special requests you may have, whether it be a special shampoo, fragrance or haircut preference... they are ready to listen!

Real talk from real dog owners

MCONDog grooming Lincolnshire
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Jodie was excellent with my temperemental Westie. On time and very professional. Booked again right away. Thanks Jodie. Merry Xmas.
Rupert & Merlin
Rupert & MerlinDog grooming Essex
Read More
Today was our first time using a mobile service and we won’t use anyone else again. The young girl was on time, so friendly, so kind and did a great job. I’m actually astonished I haven’t heard about this before. Well Done guys, awesome service
Stephen Dunn
Stephen DunnDog grooming Newton Abbot
Read More
Absolutely amazing. Used them for first time tonight. When we usually go to a groomers it takes around 3 hours, but tonight was done in a hour and the best cut he’s ever had and it took away the hassle of taking him to a groomers. Would truly recommend.
SarahDog grooming Salisbury
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1st time we used them and she did a brilliant job. Very friendly and so convenient. Will definitely use this service again. Would highly recommend.