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Why is grooming so expensive?

When it comes to the costs involved in looking after your pet, the regular outgoings for grooming is often the most expensive… the question is, why? You often hear people say getting their dogs hair done is more expensive than their own, but surely human hair requires more effort, right? No, wrong! This is a […]

How do you know it’s time to groom your pet?

How often should I groom my pet? A common question amongst the pet owners I’ve come across, but to no surprise, the answer is not a one size fits all situation. Of course, the generic ‘6 weeks’ answer does generally apply and gives you a good time scale to work with, but unlike many of […]

The Art of Keeping a Dog Calm During a Groom

Having a nervous dog during a groom is not unusual; removing them from a familiar environment and trying to get in and about all their business is enough to send any pet into a bit of a nervous frenzy. Knowing how to handle these nerves and creating a calm, collected and comfortable pet is necessary […]

Dog Grooming Tips you need to know!

When it comes to grooming dogs, it can sometimes be overwhelming. From odours, to shedding, to matted and tangled coats, a groom can quickly become a mission of overcoming each task. At which point, having some tips and tricks under your belt, to help you as and when you need it can make the whole […]

The ultimate guide to choosing the Best Dog Groomer

When it comes to grooming our dogs, it’s easy to dismiss all the red flags and just pick the easiest and most convenient groomer you know. “Oh, this one’s got availability we’ll go with that!”, “This one’s only 5 minutes away, easy!”, and “This one’s a bit cheaper ill choose them”. These are just 3 […]