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Why is grooming so expensive?

When it comes to the costs involved in looking after your pet, the regular outgoings for grooming is often the most expensive… the question is, why?

You often hear people say getting their dogs hair done is more expensive than their own, but surely human hair requires more effort, right? No, wrong! This is a common misconception when it comes to grooming, as you don’t really know what goes into a groom, until you know, and then the price seems only justified.

Of course, it’s nice to understand where your moneys going, so in this blog, we’re going to talk about what goes into grooming your pet that makes it so expensive.

When it comes to comparing a human haircut to a pet groom, it’s easy to assume they are both just a case of cutting hair, but where human hair cuts are just the head, a pet groom is all over the body, a much bigger, and much more complicated workload. A pet groom requires your groomer to carry out a uniform consistent haircut across your entire pets’ body, you can imagine how this may get difficult as soon as they reach the lower regions of your furry friend.

Human hair cuts are very direct, with clients who are still and can be communicated with if need be, but when it comes to our furry friends, this isn’t the case. Dogs and cats can’t communicate, all they know is a stranger is getting all up in their business, with a sharp silver object, and they have no say in the matter… so grooming to a professional standard with a client that doesn’t want you to touch them, can not only make the task at hand more difficult, but also take triple the time.

Unlike humans, our pets can’t maintain their coats very well and although you may wash and brush them between grooms, it’s extremely common for pets to come in needing a lot of washing and brushing to get them look as fabulous as you would like.

A forgotten service involved in pet grooming is dental care and anal gland expression, this once again relates to the more complex regions of your pet that a human haircut doesn’t quite cover. Your groomer is responsible for taking care of every physical aspect of your pet, from top to bottom (literally)… meaning they are responsible for a whole lot more than a human hairdresser.

The complexity of pet grooming is not the only factor that contributes to the cost; pet grooming often comes with risk. Putting pets in an unknown environment with a groomer they do not know can often cause them stress and anxiety, this can cause pets to lash out through biting or scratching and often requires your groomer to soothe and comfort them while dealing with this.

Looking at these factors as a whole, it is clear that pet grooming is far more complex, time consuming and demanding than it is perhaps given credit for. So, I think it is fair to say pet grooming is more than deserving of its cost.

Of course, here at TrimPet we recognise that although justified, it can still be costly, so we strive to have a fair and reasonable price range that ensures you and your pet are getting your money’s worth.

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